The Solution To Water Problems Lurks Right In Front Of Us Yet We Fail To Seize It: Bundelkhand Sets Example

The Solution To Water Problems Lurks Right In Front Of Us Yet We Fail To Seize It: Bundelkhand Sets Example

New Delhi: Village in Bundelkhand sets example in water conservation with water bodies slowly disappearing into sludge and debris due to improper maintenance and ignorance, here's a success story from the village of Gureh in Bundelkhand.

Gureh village is home to 25 wells with the largest and most ancient well located smack dab in the middle of the village, being the pride of Gureh. The people of the village proudly boast about it, claiming that it's from the times of the kings. Though with such history and pride this well was recently reduced to a dry shaft sunk into the ground yielding nothing but sludge.

The villagers fondly recall when the shaft would  fill up almost two-thirds during monsoons and not just provide water for drinking and bathing but also for irrigating the farms. But in recent years due to irregular rainfall, the water level steadily fell until it dried up and so did the other twenty five, as they were not dug deep enough. Over the past 15 years, water availability in the already drought prone Bundelkhand has dwindled as both the number of days when the region received rainfall and the total quantum of rainfall have halved over the last decade-and-a-half.


All this might sound like turmoil in the village of Gureh, but there is a ray of hope. The villagers have joined hands in reviving those dead wells, men have been hired to rappel down to remove silt and debris from the wells, and the results have been fruitful. The cleaning is yet to be completed but there are signs of water coming back.

India receives 4000 BCM (billion cubic metres) of precipitation annually, but the
holding capacity of the 5400 reservoirs across the nation is a measly 300 BCM. The
solution to our problems lurks right in front of us yet we fail to seize it.


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