Special Highlights Of Union Budget 2018 That You Shouldn't Miss: Budget 2018

Special Highlights Of Union Budget 2018 That You Shouldn


New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the much awaited Union Budget 2018 and greeted the Modi government for their performance and placed many transformation substances. This will be the last full-year Budget before the 2019 general elections. The budget is focused on farmers, the rural poor and small businesses to help them produce more and earn more. 

The major sources which will be focused are:

1-Indian economy has performed very well since our Govt took over in may 2014, It is now the seventh largest in the world

2-Indian economy is on course to achieve high growth of 8 %. Economy to grow at 7.2-7.5% in second half of 2018-19

3-By 2022 the income of framers will be double

4-From ease of doing business, our government has moved to ease of living for the poor and middle class

5-The focus is on low-cost farming, higher MSP. Emphasis is on generating farm & non-farm employment for farmers

6- Minimum support price has been set at 1.5 times the production cost for kharif crops

7- We have worked sincerely without thinking about the political cost.

8- Agri-Market Development Fund with a corpus of 2000 crore to be set up for developing agricultural market

9- India's Direct Benefit Transfer scheme is a global success story:

10- 470 APMCs connected to eNAM network, rest to be connected by March '18

11- Government proposes to launch 'Operation Greens' on the lines of Operation Flood'

12-Propose launch of a restructure national bamboo mission with Rs 1200 crore,10,000 crore has been allocated to fisheries and animal husbandry sector

13- Proposed to raise institutional credit for agriculture to Rs 11 Lakh Crore for 2018-19

14-Air Pollution in Delhi NCR is a cause for concern, special scheme will be implemented to support Govts of Haryana, Punjab,UP and Delhi NCT to address it and subsidize machinery for management of crop residue

15-Govt proposes to increase the target of providing free LPG connections to 8 crore to poor women

16- Govt plans to construct 2 crore more toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission

17- Govt to increase digital intensity in education. Technology to be the biggest driver in improving quality of education

18-We have constructed 6 crore toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission, our aim is to build 2 crore more toilets

19- By 2022, every block with more than 50% ST population and at least 20,000 tribal people will have 'Ekalavya' school at par with Navodaya Vidayalas: FM Arun Jaitley

20- Kisan credit card to be extended to fisheries,animal husbandry farmers

21- We have allocated 1200 crore allocated for health wellness centers rupees 5  lakh per family per year for 10 crore poor families. The world's largest govt funded program

22- 24 new govt medical colleges and hospitals to be set up by upgrading existing district hospitals

23- Technology will be the biggest driver in improving quality of education. We propose to increase the digital intensity in education and move gradually from blackboard to digital board

24- 115 aspiration districts identified taking various indices of development into consideration, quality of life to be improved in these districts

25- Announce allocation of Rs. 56,619 crore for SC welfare and Rs. 39,135 crore for ST welfare

26- Contribution of 8.33% to EPF for new employees by the govt for three years and 12% govt contribution to EPF in sectors employing large number of people

27- Cleaning of Ganga is of national importance, have sanctioned 187 projects under NAMAMI Ganga scheme

28- Have proposed construction of tunnel under the Se-La pass in Arunachal Pradesh and proposal to develop 10 prominent tourist destinations as Iconic tourism destinations

29- AMRUT program to focus on water supply to all households in 500 cities. Water supply contracts for 494 projects worth 19,428 core awarde

30- 12,000 wagons, 5160 coaches and 700 locomotives being procured. There is significant achievements of physical targets by Railways ,all railways stations with more than 25,000 footfall to have escalators. All railways stations and trains to have Wi-Fi and CCTVs progressively and Foundation stone of the bullet train was laid in September 2017. An institute is coming up in Vadodara to train the manpower required for the high speed railway projects. Redevelopment of 600 major railway stations has been taken up; Mumbai transport system is being expanded; suburban network of 160 km planned for Bengaluru.Focus will be on safety, maintenance of railway tracks, increase in use of technology and fog safety devices.


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