Be The First To Reduce The Worst: WATER

Be The First To Reduce The Worst: WATER

New Delhi: The clock ticks as that unchecked tap in your kitchen drips, start trying to create new sources of income as water starts getting expensive, more expensive than a litre of petrol. With Delhi's water stock hangs by a string, a string ready to break in roughly 5 months.

Here are a few actions you need to take as a responsible citizen to prevent the above mentioned over-exaggerated situation from becoming an under-exaggerated reality, where you end up using your euro trip savings to take a bath for that super important meeting.

1.) Use water as judiciously and as efficiently as possible: Now this one's a no- brainer, if something's in short supply then use less of it, one bucket of water is enough for a bath, half a bucket is enough for washing your car, use a wash-bowl instead of a running tap while shaving and rest is limited to your imagination.

2.) Rainwater harvesting: Whether you live in a residential society or a building complex, grab those RWA presidents and ask them to make arrangements for letting rainwater seep into the ground and replenish the ground water.

3.) Now if you're reading this, then you're probably a literate member of the society, who is aware of the last two suggestions, convey this knowledge to your domestic help. Ask them to refrain from using water bodies as dumping grounds and spread awareness in general.

4.) Invest in more efficient water-saving fixtures and appliances: Spend a small amount on something that'll save water or end up paying all that money and then some more in an overpriced water bill. A simple waterless urinal can save about 25,000 per home per year.

5.) Waste water treatment and recycling for non-drinking purposes: Several low cost technologies are available that can be implemented in group housing areas. You might not be able to drink this water, you sure will be able to water your plants with it.


Start right now, go around your house check for leaky taps. A single steady water leak can cause wastage of upto 226,800 litres a year. Small steps make a difference, there's plenty of water for everyone, though we don't have any left to waste.

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