Arun Jaitley Addresses Press After Union Budget 2018

Arun Jaitley Addresses Press After Union Budget 2018

New Delhi: Arun Jaitley after Union Budget 2018 speaks to media.He discussed various points about this budget in front of media.This Budget is the last budget announced by

BJP before 2019 Elections.

Here are some Important Points regarding this.

1)This Budget keeps in view the requirement and needs of the economy, says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

2)We have tried to maintain miscal deficit targets.We are getting GST For one month less Structural reforms had their own impact.

3) Government has always tried to help economically weak.Include Increasing "Ujjawala Yojna" Beneficiaries.Mega heath is huge Scheme

4) The Resource needed to build social security net is a 1% charge. Burden is limited but the benefits many

5) Bringing back a standard deduction will help the salaried class.besides we announced tax relief and investments benefits to senior citizens as well

6) Parliamentarians a class that its own salary , facing criticism. So decision was taken to link to inflation.

7)This is the first time the contribution of salaried class has been singled out - in total 2.5 crore people - and given a standard deduction of Rs 40,000

8) First Time controbution of salaried class has been singled out and given standard deduction of rs 40,000

9) Step by Step, In every budget ,we are putting surplus money in the hands of tax player 

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