A New iPhone App Promises To Accurately Measure BP

A New iPhone App Promises To Accurately Measure BP

A New iPhone App Promises To Accurately Mesure BP (Representational Image)

New Delhi: A new blood pressure app has been developed by researchers that can give accurate readings using an iPhone, without requiring any special equipment.
Researchers at the Michigan State University researchers have developed the new "iPhone X" app that measures BP via the 'oscillometric finger pressing method', or 'peek and pop' that enables users looking to open functions and apps with a simple push of their finger.

Pressing the fingertips on both the front camera and screen to increase the external pressure of the underlying artery, would allow the application to measure the resulting variable-amplitude blood volume oscillations via the camera and applied pressure via the strain gauge array under the screen.

The journal Scientific Reports featured the app which also visually guides the fingertip placement and actuation and then computes BP from the measurements just like many automatic cuff devices.

After testing along with a finger cuff device,  against a standard cuff device, the app yield indicated that cuff-less and calibration-free BP monitoring may be feasible with many existing and forthcoming smartphones, the researchers said.

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Lead author Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Professor at MSU said, "By leveraging optical and force sensors already in smartphones for taking 'selfies' and employing 'peek and pop', we've invented a practical tool to keep tabs on blood pressure."

"Such ubiquitous blood pressure monitoring may improve hypertension awareness and control rates, and thereby help reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality," he added.

If things keep moving along at the current pace, an app could be available in late 2019, Mukkamala said.

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The app still hasn't been validated in a standard regulatory test.

"But because no additional hardware is needed, we believe that the app could reach the society faster," he noted.

Only around 20% of people with hypertension have their high blood pressure problem under control, though the blood pressure is treatable with lifestyle changes and medication. With the help of this invention, the patients will have a convenient option and keeping a log of daily measurements would produce an accurate average.


(Input From News Agency IANS)

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