A Burning Bird Sets 17 Acres Of Land On Fire

A Burning Bird  Sets 17 Acres Of Land On Fire

A Burning Bird  Sets 17 Acres Of Land On Fire

New Delhi: In a surprising incident that happened in Germany, a bird caught fire from an electric cable, fell down and burned 17 acres of land. On Monday evening in the coastal city of Rostock, a fire began in a dry field which soon spread to the nearby railway power lines that began to short circuit.  

The winds started spreading the fire towards the residential districts of Riekdahl and Kosterbeck. It took a crew of 50 firemen and volunteers, along with a helicopter, to control the fire.

In the facebook post by local fire department, they wrote that the initial estimates suggest that 7 hectares of land were destroyed by the fire. However, people were never in danger as the fire was brought under control.

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The fire department also shared pictures of the fire.


It is not yet clear, how much property was damaged, but the reports suggest that nobody was injured in the incident.
Earlier this year, three American students in Italy tried to cook pasta without water and set fire to their apartment.


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