5 Timeless Couple From The TV, That Define What Love Is

5 Timeless Couple From The TV, That Define What Love Is

New Delhi: From hilarious, to offbeat, to on-off..these relationship remained pure and timeless. These couple from TV continue to define #Couplegoals for us! 

1. Jack And Rebecca, This Is Us


Words are not enough to describe, how pure this couple is. How supportive, madly in love and perfectly in sync are they. These two were #Goals

2. Penny And Leonard, The Big Bang Theory


One of the most offbeat couple of TV, Penny and Leonard. The pretty girl and nerd-next-door made all of us very happy when, after many seasons, they decided to call themselves a couple.

3. Carrie And Mr. Big, Sex And The City


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The 10 year roller coster, made us wonder if Carrie and Big would end up together? The duo had their ups and downs, but there's no fighting destiny!

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4. Kevin And Winnie, The Wonder Years


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What's more beautiful than childhood sweethearts? Nothing. The pure and most innocent form of love indeed!

5. Ross And Rachel, Friends


Thier on-off relationship perfectly defines most of the relationships nowadays. They were each other's lobster and belong together! 


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