312 Sikh Foreign Nationals Taken Off Centre's Blacklist, Allowed To Enter India

312 Sikh Foreign Nationals Taken Off Centre

New Delhi: 312 Sikh foreign nationals were removed from the Central Adverse List or blacklist containing the names of foreign nationals. Those whose names have been taken off the list can now enter India. 

The government says this review is a continuous and dynamic process and a part of a regular exercise. 

Amid demand from many Sikh organisations. So the list is reviewed, all those Sikh foreign nationals who were earlier debarred now can visit India, meet their family members and reconnect to their roots. 

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In the 1980s, many Sikh Indian nationals were placed in this category for promoting anti-India sentiments. At that time, several Sikh Indians left the country to escape Indian authorities, sought asylum outside India and took citizenship in other countries.

The Union Home Ministry had earlier announced that it has put an end to the local adverse lists, commonly known as 'black lists' of Indian-origin people.

"As one of the major issue coming in the way of grant of consular or visa services to asylum seekers and their family members, mostly belonging to Sikh community, was maintenance of local adverse lists by Indian Missions. This practice was discontinued," an officer said.

All Indian missions have been advised to grant appropriate visas to all categories of asylees and derivative asylees (family members) whose names do not figure in the Central Adverse List, in line with the procedure followed for other categories of applicants of that nationality.

All categories of asylees who have become eligible for issuance of long term Indian visa will also be eligible to apply for registration as Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholder after they have applied for and held normal visas for a period of two years.

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