3 Ways To Show Someone That You Love Them

3 Ways To Show Someone That You Love Them

New Delhi: To make someone feel loved is a tough task. We all have heard "Action speaks louder than words" this is because words comes easy and action don't. Saying is effortless and action requires good amount of effort. Here are little things that could help you to make someone feel special
1. Write them a note
Yes! May be it sounds like old-school cliche but it still works wonder. Writing your own thoughts with your deep feelings on a piece of paper is more powerful than sending a text message. A handwritten note is something you can keep with you forever, as it has a different sentiment. It will definetely make the other person feel special.

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2. Learn what they actually love.
It sounds not good, but believe it or not, it is actually good. Learning about the sport they love and you can actually spend a good time watching their favorite sport together, or listening to their favorite track together,  or watching their favorite show once they recommended and you can discuss it aftterwards, will make them feel special.
3. Celebrate the little milestones
Don't always look for great thing that will make them feel special. You can actually cherish small cute moments and make them feel special by doing little things.


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