3 Things To Avoid During A Breakup

3 Things To Avoid During A Breakup

New Delhi: It can be difficult to deal with breakups, especially for the person who is being broken up with. So it is neccessary that the person who is breaking up should break up with decency. There are some courtesies one is ought to bestow upon the other. The other person is also a human being, though someone is going to get hurt but there are some things one can do to minimise the collateral damage.There are some things that should be avoided, because they are just unacceptable.

Do Not Create Unnecessary Drama

While breaking up, there is no need to create fights where they don't exist.Tears, drama and unnecessary finger pointing and blame games are only going to make things worse. It will be better to avoid them.

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Don’t Try To Make Yourself Out To Be The Victim

Reverse psychology can be successfull sometimes, but it not a gret idea to make yourself the victim. It is okay to break up with someone on legitimate reason, but don't make them sound like some kind of an insane person who wrecked you when they didn’t and all you want to do is make yourself feel better. Also don’t blame them for your actions.

Don’t try to slowly slide it in

Don't think of slowly dropping hints and signs and blowing hot and cold, expecting the other person to catch on to them and realise you are not interested in them anymore. Don't act like a coward. And this act would obviously frustrate the other person. Instead, go and clear the air, you have more cahnce of getting away clean that way.

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