10 Reality checks About the Water Crisis: Beware

10 Reality checks About the Water Crisis: Beware

10 Reality checks About the Water Crisis: Beware

New Delhi: Yes, You heard it right, we might not get what amount of water we used to have or let us put it in clear sentences that we can die if the water crisis will remain unsolved and the worst conditions are yet to come as these 10 points will provide you with reality check of “ HUM KITNE PANI ME HAI”.  Just writing about any cause, reading it And actually facing it is a very very different thing, so just think once about the people who died because of water scarcity and on the other hand we were just wasting another glass of water or bucket who knows.. to make you aware as per the surveys the following points need your attention.

Here's 10 points: 

1-      Delhi is ground zero for the country’s water policy architects

2-      As per reports, the idea of Rainwater harvesting has been discussed forever in Delhi’s policy corridors. It has been made mandatory for every building in the capital to install the rainwater harvesting system at least since 2001 yet a majority of govt buildings including important one like supreme court and NITI Aayog, don’t have rainwater harvesting system

3-      India’s first major climate crisis is already at its doorstep. As some yearly action prior to monsoon should be taken rather than the odd major initiative that government fails to perform.

4-      Many dry promises are made which are only present in papers but no action till date is been taken by govt and by us as a citizen.

5-      The NITI Aayog report clearly states that “Out of 29 states, 24 states are facing crisis of water and the situation is only going to get worse”

6-      Agriculture sector will also be affected as 80% of water is used for agriculture and in the crisis how the water will be managed is not at all planned yet.

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7-      The NITI Aayog also states that around 200, 000 Indians die every year because they have no access to clean water. And in practicality this number will increase, so think about it..  

8-      The Harsh truth is everyone knows what to do but implementation and actions are not up to date and being taken lightly

9-      The next horrifying thing is the policymakers themselves says that they face difficulties in implementations because they don’t have enough data available to how the Households & industries use and manage water, is one example to start with.

10-   One must know that water is what preserve humanity and nature and we in reality lack the efforts or knowledge on how to preserve what preserves us.

Think twice and made decision as we have no time left to think unnecessarily or only think and take no actions. Therefore, in the Campaign #EK Boond- Water crisis Management we come together not just to talk but to work….

See you soon on saving every drop of water !!

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