'DailyAddaa’ as the name suggests is a youth-friendly Internet Media Company which is harvested by Newscom India.Travelling, Fashion, Film Industry, Food and Sports were never such lively as Our Team attempts to make them. We provide our audience with latest breaking news straight from the Digital World.DailyAddaa connects itself to this world through ‘The Gray Way’. We avoid working in a White or Black way since we understand well that everything happens for a reason and at DailyAddaa, we attempt to show this cause-effect relation to our audience. Hence instead of giving black or white versions of the story, we prefer working through the Gray way and let our audience conclude on its own.
Our work ethics are not limited to serving as just a news portal but we have our audience as the first concern.We are absolutely repelled by the idea of capitalization of human suffering and objectification of human body. Our content without losing authenticity is specially designed considering the minds of a universal audience constituting children of all age groups and adults. We respect individuality and self-respect of every individual irrespective of the class, creed, color or faith. Sensitive issues like religion, supernatural beliefs and animal rights are dealt with care making sure we on our level do not hurt the sentiments of any individual, group or community.With perseverance, dedication and hard work we aim at getting the first hand with the insight of our audience and the cyberspace world.

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