Facebook Live On Her Birthday Eve: Rani Mukherji

The actress has returned back to the big screen after two year. Rani Mukherji disclose her return to the big screen on the eve of her birthday through a Facebook live from Yash Raj films Facebook page. She is back after her pregnancy with a movie 'Hichki'. The movie is all about a positive premise which is why she decided to take it up, this was revealed by Rani Mukherji in her Facebook live. After bring asked from the fans about her come back then Rani Mukherji replied by saying “My next film is Hichki. I hope I will be able to perform well and make you guys happy. Please bless me with good wishes.”

Rani Mukherji added about her first child 'Adira', due to which she was not seen in Bollywood, as she wanted to spend all her time with 'Adira'. Rani in her live chat session said ‘"after giving birth daughter Adira, her life changed overnight. I have worked for over 22 years in the industry but that different me. Now, after having a daughter, I am starting off a new life in the career aspect too.’’ She even added "I wanted to be a part of each milestone in my baby’s life — from the first word to the first step, etc. I would’ve hated it if she’d done something for the first time and I missed it."

As she is back to the big screen she feels nervous but at the same time Rani feels positive as she is playing a strong woman character, Rani added, “I feel really lucky and fortunate to be able to play so many characters on screen. It is always exciting to play or be different people." As Rani said, "I play what I am but it’s always inspiring to be other people because I portray so many powerful women on screen, who eventually inspire me and others too.”

During her Facebook live, Rani Mukherji’s fan were very anxious to know about why she is not active on social media for which Rani said, “My husband is a private person and I respect his privacy otherwise I would love to share with you what’s happening in my life, how Adira is growing up. Till the time, he doesn’t allow, I can’t do that.”

Rani Mukherji was last seen in the movie Mardaani in 2014, almost 2 years ago. Now she is back with the same positive attitude and her new movie Hichki, shooting starting from the month of April. Release date is yet not disclosed. Hichki is produced by Maneesh Sharma and under the banner of YASHRAJFILMS.

For Rani Mukherji’s full facebook live chat session click on the link below.

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