Out Of 7 Students, 2 Were Dead As Car Falls Off Delhi Flyover. The Students Were On Their Way To An Exam

A car fell off a flyover in Punjabi Bagh in West Delhi in which two students were killed and 5 are badly hurt, in this morning. The students who met with an accident were on their way for an exam said by the police.


A Honda City, the car was allegedly was at a very high speed and the student at the wheel lost the control.


The car flung in the air allegedly rammed the divider, after the car rammed then it was crashed through the side of the flyover and landed below on the roof of the car, and instantly two occupants were killed. Between the seat and roof of the car one was crushed.


From the Delhi Institute of Professional Studies and Research the seven students in the car were. There were two women in the car out of which one has been killed.

The students in the car were from first year and were on their way to a second semester exam which is being held at an institute in Narela according to the Police. In the car, Admit Card and Books have been found.

From the car, it took a long time for the police to get them out, which was wrecked completely.

The injured students are believed to be in a serious condition in hospital.

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