5th Chapter Of Meri Pyari Bindu-Mix Tape

Here is the 5th chapter of Meri Pyari Bindu, which has a mixture of emotions there is happiness and sadness but there is fun. As the movie trailers were coming out through the chapter, you all have seen the previous 4 chapter which was coming out from last 1 week. Now here is the next chapter which showcase the ‘Mix-tape’ where Abhi aka Ayumann Khurrana and Bindu aka Parineeti Chopra making the tapes of their memories.

Parineeti Chopra even posted about the 5th chapter on her Instagram Account,

Here is the 5th chapter of the movie,

In this Trailer showed that Bindu never complete her thing, it would be her passion, dream, novel or anything. Can we predict that may be their love story in Meri Pyari Bindu will not be completed?

Every love story has Drama, Love and Passion let’s wait for the movie release o see what their love story have to say.

The Final chapter of their love story will hit on theatres on 12th May 2017. Do go and watch the love story of two best friends.

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