5 Dead In Maharashtra Due To Heat Stroke

Due to the heat stroke 5 people have died in Maharashtra. Heat wave warning in parts of the state as the temperature has reached 40 plus degrees Celsius. Worstly affected in central and north Maharashtra.

46.5 degrees Celsius in Raigad district in Maharashtra is in the news for its unusual high temperature, but the Meterological Department says that they will send the team to verify it. 44.1 degrees Celsius is recorded in Akola, whereas Nagpur, Wardha and Chandraur have recorded 43 degrees.

Many parts of India is suffering from high temperature record at the very starting of summer.

In some place the temperature has risen above the normal degree, like in Rajasthan’s Barmer recorded 43.4, where as in Narnaul in Haryana recorded 42 degrees.

High temperature in Punjab and Ludhiana is seven degrees above the normal. In UP, the temperature has crossed 40 degrees in Allahabad, Varanasi, Agra and Hamirpur.

In Delhi, it is the hottest day of the year with temperature 6 degree above normal at 38.2 degrees celsius. The temperature in Dehradun and Srinagar has been recorded above the normal for the starting months of the summer.

‘Mild heat wave’ has been predicted in Gujarat and Maharashtra. In Rayalaseema region on Andhra Pradesh, the temperature has been hotter than 40 degrees.

If we talk about Rajasthan region, Barmer was the hottest touching 43.4 degrees, followed by churu by 43 degrees.

According to the Met Department, the heat wave will prevail at isolated regions in Gujarat before the temperature cross the state return to normal in few days. A Senior Met Department official in Ahmedabad has said that, "Heat wave conditions remain mainly in North Gujarat region. Saurashtra-Kutch as well as south Gujarat regions are no longer experiencing heat wave,"

Ahmedabad will break the seven year record for the month of March by touching the temperature 42.8 degrees on Monday.

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