23 Rattlesnakes Found In A Toilet At The Texas Home

Cassie texted her husband Jason McFadden one morning in late January and the message read “What the crap do I do?” followed by a picture - of a rattlesnake inside a toilet at their their Texas home.

McFadden recognising the snake as threat asked his wife to kill it. He found a local snake removal company, to swing by the home when he returned from work and in a short time they discovered that there were more snakes around.

A total of 24 western diamondback rattlesnakes were found at the family's property, as accorded by Facebook post from Big Country Snake Removal.

According to post, thirteen adult rattlesnakes were removed from a storm cellar at the McFadden home. Five snakes were babies that were found at the property.

The Facebook post stated “It's actually quite simple; rattlesnake are secretive and can be very cryptic - They rely heavily on their camouflage. This is simply how they survive. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. . .."

The snake-issue is generally because those snakes are looking for shelter as said by Hawkins. He also pointed out that Western diamondback rattlesnakes are communal and " so if you can find one, you'll probably find others.


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