Accident Caught On Camera, 24-Year-Old Dies Racing Superbike In Delhi

On Monday evening, a 24 year old man who with a friend was racing on a high-capacity on the streets of Delhi died, after he lost his control of a bike and crashed. By one of the two men who were racing along with the man who died has filmed the incident on camera. The incident took place near the Mandi House Metro station.

From Connaught Place in central Delhi towards Mandi House after attending a party, the three motorcyclists were riding at very high speeds in traffic, said by the police.

A Benelli TNT 600i was rided by Himanshu Bansal and was ahead of another rider, who was filing the entire race through an action camera which was mounted to his helmet. He was racing a 300cc motorcycle, Kawasaki Ninja 300. The third motorcycle in the race was also a Benelli TNT 600i, a 600cc bike.

Police officer said that, “the bikes were expensive, cost of Rs 4 to Rs 6 lakhs and can reach to top speeds of nearly 200 km an hour within second.” Himanshu was the son of a businessman in the east Delhi’s Vivek Vihar, officer added.

From the point of view of a Kawasaki Ninja 300 rider the video footage was shot, in which it shows that Himanshu filtering through traffic at high speed - overtaking dangerously at times.

The police said that at Mandi House Metro station a man was trying to cross the road which may have taken him by surprise. Himanshu tried to avoid the person, but ends up hitting him.

The motorcycle veers towards the left, uncontrollably.

Himanshu was thrown off the motorcycle and hit the sidewalk outside Lady Irwin College, with the motorcycle crashing and stopping a few metres ahead of him.

The footage shows blood lying many feet away from Himanshu's body, depicting the severity of the impact. The police said Himanshu was rushed to a hospital but it was too late.




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