Faked Mount Everest Feat Dismissed From Force, Pune Police Couple

Couple Dinesh Rathod and Tarkeshwari Rathod Pune police constable couple suspended, as they lied about climbing the Mount Everest and circulated the morphed pictures of their ‘mountaineerinf feat’ last year in May, from the force has veen dismissed, on Monday said by the senior official. Last Year, in November the couple was suspended after a probe panel formed by the police called about their lie.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Administration) Sahebrao Patil said, "The couple faked about the Everest ascent, morphed the photographs, shared misleading information and while doing this, brought disrepute to the Maharashtra Police department and did not report to duty." Added by Mr Patil, "Based on the inquiry, we dismissed the couple from the department and an order to this effect was issued on Saturday."

The couple was asked to explain about three months ago that why they should not be dismissed from the force. In Pune’s Shivajinagar, the couple was posted at the Police Headquarters.

The couple went to the police last year of 5th June and claimed that there were the first Indian couple to reach the Mount Everest Summit. Later, however the froup of local mountaineer said that the couple was never at the Summit and faked their expedition by morphing photographs to show themselves standing on the peak of the world’s highest mountain.

The Nepal Government, last year in August, banned the couple from entering the country for 10 years reportedly. Pune Police had also written to the Nepali government to probe the matter.

Surendra Shelke, secretary of a Pune-based mountaineering association, said the couple's version of how exactly they climbed the mountain had many holes.



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