This Dad’s Hilarious Birthday Wish For His Daughter Is Going Viral

We all love us some dad jokes, but this dad's tweet could go down in history as one of the greatest dad jokes of our times. To wish his daughter Raylin on her 21st birthday last Friday, Joe Pellatt posted a picture of Raylin with a seal. Accompanying the pic was a birthday wish that has had people in splits ever since Raylin shared it on Twitter. See for yourself:



Joe Pellatt's savage birthday post has collected almost 6 lakh 'likes' and over 1.8 lakh retweets since it was first shared by Raylin on July 21.

"I love giving my dad updates on the retweets and favourites and seeing how many people think my dad is funny!" says Raylin to NDTV, while talking about how viral her tweet has gone. "We have a family group chat where we have been talking about this all weekend. It's fun to see the numbers to keep going up."





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