Gets Busted When Woman Tries To Smuggle 102 iPhones Under Her Clothes

A woman's attempt at smuggling 102 iPhones into China from Hong Kong resulted in an epic fail after she was busted by customs in Shenzhen, reports Chinese news site XMNN. She had strapped the phones and 15 luxury watches onto her body in order to smuggle them into China.

As per  the report, published on July 11, custom officers noticed the middle-aged woman because she was wearing a cardigan over her blouse, not appropriate considering the warm weather. They also felt that her upper body was "bloated" and disproportionate compared to her thin arms. A metal detector further confirmed their suspicion.

The woman had reportedly wrapped the phones around her chest and waist in at least four layers. The total weight of the objects was about 40 pounds or approximately nine kilograms.

Local media reports that the woman has been "dealt with". reports that according to mainland law, the crime is punishable by imprisonment and/or a fine.




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