Little Girl Inspiring Story. ‘I Want To Study,’ Says Little Girl With A Big Dream

Growing up, many children take school for granted and often even dislike having to study. But for this little girl, going to school is a choice she makes wholeheartedly. In a post shared on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page, the Class 5 student talks about staying away from her parents living in a village only so she can go to school. Her post, shared about three hours before writing this, has collected over 3,300 reactions and more than 100 shares.

In her post, the girl, not named, talks about living with her aunt and uncle so that she can go to school and get a proper education. "I'm from a small village... my parents live there, but I live here with my aunt and uncle because I want to study," she says. And even though she misses them a lot, she hopes to make them proud with her achievements.

However, what's even more touching is what she says she does every time she misses her parents. We'll let you read the post below to find out what she does. Her heartening words will definitely tug on your heartstrings.



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