2 Grenades Were Found At Srinagar Airport By A Jawan While Flying To Delhi

This morning a soldier was arrested at Srinagar Airport, while he was travelling from Srinagar to Delhi. The 2 grenades were found in his baggage. The Jawan named Gopal Mukhiya of 17 JAK Rifles as it is been identified by the police. The Jawan is from Darjeeling. He works near the Line Of Control in the Uri sector of Kashmir.

Police said, he was about to take a chartered flight to Delhi when a baggage check revealed the grenades. He told to the police that the grenades was handed to him by his officer. Police said,

"We are not taking his claim at face value and we are investigating based on evidence," said the police.

Srinagar Airport is one of the most heavily guarded Airport in the country with multiple checking points. The Jawan had entered the Srinagar Airport as the Jawan’s are not checked at the entry of Airport’s.

According to the sources the police are investigating about the grenade, where it has come from.

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