2 Other Cars In Deadly Noida Crash, 1 Dead, Lamborghini

On the Greater Noida Express way this week a Swift Dzire trying to overtake a speeding Lamborghini led to a deadly accident that killed one man near Noida Sector 135 near Delhi the national Capital. A man in his late twenties, was driving a Maruti Eeco.
On the express way the terrifying road accident was captured on a CCTV cameras. As per the video footage, the Maruti Swift Dzire appeared to be overtaking the Lamborghini when it swerved to the left. It wasn't clear if the Dzire driver momentarily lost control.
But it scraped the Lamborghini which tried to prevent a collision by deviating to its left lane.

Maruti Eeco got disastrously involved in the accident. Into the Lamborghini the vehicle crashed and rolled over into the forested area. It missed a motorcyclist, also travelling at a high speed in the left lane, by a few metres.
Maruti Eeco driver was identified as resident of Mandawali in east Delhi as per the reports, Arshad Ahmed. He was taken to the hospital but did not make it. Doctors told the police he had died before reaching the hospital.

The Swift Dzire driver was arrested but the police have not been able to trace the Lamborghini driver.



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