In Bengaluru The Metro Service Halts As Staff Protests Arrests

Today in the morning, Bengaluru’s thousand struggled as metro services came to a halt over  a protest by their employees due to the arrest of their colleagues.

Across the IT city the Metro Train have not been running since 5 am.

While speaking to the news channel NDTV, the officials of the metro alleged that on Thursday morning, the employees at station were attacked by the Karnataka Policemen posted for security in the city.

The six employees were arrested after about 35 staff of the metro allegedly retaliated. Out of which four have been released but the staff of the metro is demanding that the remaining 2 staff should also be let off. On a complaint of the metro staff two constables of the Karnataka State Industry Security Forces were arrested.

Officials say negotiations are on to get the staff to resume service.
In a day about three lakh people use the Bengaluru Metro.


For the first phase the final stretch was recently inaugurated by the President Pranab Mukherjee.

At the metro station extra police security was provided recently due to the strident protests over the three-language rule and the use of Hindi in the Metro signboards and announcements.

A campaign on social media escalated - "Our Metro, We don't want Hindi," when pro-Kannada groups threatened to blacken signs and vandalise stations if Hindi was not dropped.

Earlier this week, signs at some stations were masked to cover up the Hindi portions.

The Bengaluru Metro, jointly funded by the state and centre, and followed a central government order to enforce the three-language rule. Pro-Kannada groups call it an imposition and an attempt to promote Hindi at the cost of regional languages said by the officials.




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