Actors Are Not Aided To Give Opinions, Says Irrfan Khan

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is currently shooting for a comedy, on the sets of which HT Café caught up with him for a tête-à-tête. The 50-years-old actor has certain releases this year including two big international projects. Does he think that he is going through the best phase of his career? “I just know that this is the year when I chose the stories that I really wanted to associate myself with,” says Irrfan.

Ask him if he signs projects based on what bid to him or what sells, and he says, “It is not that I like the role and the director, but the story is not what I would like to be part of, but still I used to do that because you’re an actor,” says Irrfan, adding, “It is based on everything. You also look at it from an angle whether the audience will enjoy it, because there is a lot of money involved. Also, if it is just not something that is fluffy, timepass. It should be something that has layers. You think about all the aspects. Every actor has to think about it.”

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