H-1B Visa Agitation: India Says It’s Trade And Services Affair, Hints At Retribution Against Donald Trump Move

The foreign ministry spoken on Thursday it was keeping a “close watch” on the United States move to stiffen H-1B visa rules that will blow the Indian IT industry and its professionals, affirming that the issue will be taken up with the Donald Trump administration.

Union commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the “whole debate” has to be broaden to include several American rigids that are earning their profits in India, signalling that New Delhi could reciprocate in the face of protectionism by the US and several other countries.

United States President Trump has registered an executive order for tightening the rules of the H-1B visa programme to stop its “abuse” and assure that the visas are given to the “most- skilled or highest paid” claimant.

The Unites States, under the new managerial order, proposes to change the current lottery system for issuing H-1B work visas with a merit-based approach.

“There is a mutuality of interests involved,” he said, also implying to large number of US professionals working in American IT companies in India.

For her part, Sitharaman said: “Let us also understand that not just Indian companies in the US, several big US companies are in India too. They are also here, they are earning their margins, they are earning their profits which goes to the US economy.”

“So, it is a situation where it’s not just unilateral just Indian companies having too face the US executive order, there are several US companies in India who are doing business for some years now and therefore I want this whole debate to be ... if it has to be expanded, it has to be expanded to include all these aspects and we shall ensure that all these factors are kept in mind.”

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