Relief For Commandant Chetan Kumar Cheeta

During fighting terrorists in Kashmir's Bandipora district in February, Chetan Kumar Cheeta, a Commanding Officer of the CRPF or Central Reserve Police Force, was shot at least 9 times. Even as he disintegrated, the officer kept firing at the terrorists. After weeks in coma,Officer Chetan is being discharged from hospital today. Commandant Cheeta was shot in the head and his arms were crippled. He was in a cynical state and in deep coma when Commandant was flown to Delhi and taken to the trauma centre of AIIMS.


The doctors said that his cores are stable now. The soldier's wife, Uma Singh, also proved the development to ANI, and said he is "progressively improving" and feeling fine now. "I am very proud of what Chetan has done," she said.


He said, "I just saw his condition, he is doing fine. I must thank the doctors. It was difficult imagining him back to life. He is a brave officer. The doctors have done a great job. I told him (Mr Cheeta) I want to see him back in uniform. His willpower brought him back to life."


Mr Cheeta had fractures in both arms besides, multiple facial wounds. "His blood pressure was low and we had to give him drugs to stabilise it. He was then shifted to the ICU. The first surgery in Srinagar saved his life. Initially, we had apprehensions if we would be able to save his eyesight. But we did our best. His right eye is still not good," said Professor Anurag Srivastava, department of surgery at AIIMS.


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