This Time Not On Ground, Its Big Screen For Sachin Tendulkar

A new documentary movie based on legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's life will be released on the eve of his 44th birthday. The movie will disclose his eventful career that concluded with winning the ICC World Cup in 2011. Titled 'Little Master', the movie will be showed on Sony ESPN on April 23. Documenting the historic victory of the Indian cricket team six years ago, the direction will illustrate how a sport and one man can reformulate the rise of a nation over the course of a few weeks.

"For Indian cricket fans and Sachin admirers, it's always a great story to relive and celebrate. I was fortunate to spend some time with Sachin and hear from him what it meant to win the 2011 World Cup.

"The teammates also describe their journey together and what it meant to them to be able to deliver that elusive World Cup to Sachin - it makes for a pretty great story," says Gotham Chopra, director of the movie.

"This is the true story of how the burden of an entire nation, desperately craving entry into the global elite, bends and almost breaks the collective aspirations of a country, but then is rescued by the power and transcendence of a team sport," he added..

ESPN movies will also disclose two other documentaries --'The Birth of Big Air' that chronicles the life of BMX legend Mat Hoffman, and 'Free Spirits', which tells the alluring story of the Spirits of St Louis, the squad that lived at the edge of the American Basketball Association but did not survive the ABA-NBA merger.

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