A Photo Of Babies Nursery Is Been Shared By Karan Johar!

Karan Johar who recently became a father of two, through Surrogacy. He happily shared the news with all. He named them Yash and Roohi. Who were born before the delivery date. But has taken a good care by the doctors, for which he even wrote a letter for doctors to thank them.

He shared a photo of the nursery for his babies which is designed by his favourite Gauri Khan. We call her as his favourite designer because he loves her work and the choice which she have. She even designed his home. Karan Johar even recommended Ranbir Kapoor, as he was looking for a designer. He quickly took Gauri’s name.

As Gauri has designed the babies’ nursery, for which Karan Johar praised her and even shared the picture with the fans on Instagram.

He shared,

The detailing of the baby nursery....designed with love and care by @gaurikhan

A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on

For which, Gauri thanked Karan Johar on Twitter for his Appreciation. She tweeted

Now let’s wait for Mr. Johar to share a picture of Yash and Roohi on social media soon!

His next upcoming movie is DRIVE, which starrer Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez. Release date is yet not final.


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